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WIPRO Bond Period | Agreement for Engineering | Non Engineering | WASE | WISTA Student

Agreement period:

Graduate Engineering
Eg: B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/MCA/MS/MSc Engg:
Bond Duration:15 months

Graduate non-Engineering
Eg: BSc, MSc, BCA, B.Com:
Bond Duration:24 months

Academic Integrated Program
Bond Duration:Till the duration of the Study program

Since Wipro will invest in your training, you are required to sign the service agreement with Wipro Technologies. As per the agreement, you shall not leave the services of the Company for a definite period commencing from the date of completion of the training period. If you leave the Company before the expiration of the period or if the Employee's services are terminated before the expiration of the period, you shall pay to the Company liquidated damages as applicable. You will be assisted on the agreement further during your Joining formalities.

There is no advance deposit received for signing the service agreement. If the service has to be withdrawn during the training period which shall be due to non-performance the above schedule would not apply.


  1. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Hello sir! I have been selected in wista and iam a BCA student,i want to know what kind of courses i have to study there?

  2. Should we sign the bond during joining the company or once we cleared the hr itself?

  3. Sir,is it possible to leave the organisation during training period pleas reply???

  4. hey, i have been selected in wims in hyderabad is it worth opting. Also my bond is for four years, is it different than wase or can you just let me know about wims, or direct me to a article about it.