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WASE Program 2012 | Registration | Course | Exam | Selection Process | Apply

Wipro Academy of Software Excellence:-
  The Wipro Academy of Software Excellence (WASE) was pioneered in the year 1995.The WASE program is a pioneering initiative in the field of higher education in India. It offers B.Sc, BCA and BCM students the opportunity to immediately take up an MS course in Computer Science without having to complete an engineering degree after graduation. Students gain invaluable industry exposure and develop their technical skills by working on live projects on weekdays for the duration of the course.

WASE M.S Exams
· Only Two exam on any given day.
· Exams Only On Saturday and Sundays.

Wipro- BITS Pilani Partnership
  Wipro leveraged the expertise of one of India's premier technical institutes - BITS Pilani, to coordinate its education program. The pedagogy and evaluation methodologies are chosen and implemented by BITS in consultation with Wipro's Talent Transformation division, the faculty is arranged by BITS and the MS degree is also awarded by the institute. It is an eight semester (4 year) off campus collaborative MS program equivalent in status to the full-time 2 years MS degree program offered by BITS.

Click here to apply WASE 2012

Wipro has established the following eligibility criteria. The program is open to graduates or to students in their final year of graduation.
EducationB.Sc. ( Computer Science/Electronics, Physics, and Mathematics) / BCM / BCA
BranchesMathematics, CS, IT, Physics, Statistics, Electronics
Academic PercentageEqual to or more than 50% in 10th, 50% 12th & 60% in graduation till date.
Additional requirementShould have studied Mathematics in 12th
The selection process

The selection procedure for WASE comprises of three stages, a Common Entrance Test, Technical Interview and HR interview. Dates for each stage would be made available to you upon registration.

Course Structure

The classes and evaluation sessions of the program are conducted on weekends.

During the week, students have the opportunity to work on live client projects along with full time employees of Wipro. This enables them to get invaluable industry experience and technical knowledge.

The details of the MS program offered by BITS are outlined below:
Course Details
No. of semesters8
Duration of each semester4-5 months
First seven semestersCourse work
Eighth semesterDissertation
Semester Details
  1. Every semester comprises of:
     Four courses
     Sixteen weeks of contact classes
     Four sessions are conducted every week on Saturday/Sunday
     Every session runs for two hours
  2. Activity distribution
     For the first seven semesters
Monday to FridayWork on projects in assigned business units at Wipro
Saturday/SundayAttend BITS classes
Eighth Semester

Devoted to dissertation work as stipulated by BITS

Induction Training Programme

The induction program in WASE gives you a 360-degree approach covering all aspects of access in the corporate world.

The Project Readiness Program (PRP) prepares them for the project and fills in any gaps, before enrolling for the MS program. They are required to attend the four modules of training for a period of 10 weeks.

The Fundamental Readiness Program (FRP) covers four modules over a period of 10 days.

The Corporate Readiness Program (CRP) is spread over 6 days and imparts:
  • Corporate Induction Training: Making you aware of your organization
  • IMPACT: Behavioral skills training
  • Spirit of Wipro
  • ERT: Personal and premises security
The Technical Readiness Programme (TRP) is spread over 25 days and imparts 10 different technology streams with a set of defined assignments and case studies.

The Real Life Lab (RLL) provides you an opportunity to assimilate the understanding of TRP courses and carry out a real life case study before you are deputed to projects.

What is the selection process for WASE?
The WASE selection process will comprise of three stages.
  • An Online common entrance examination ( WET: Wipro Entrance Examination)
  • A Technical Interview
  • An HR Interview

What is the venue for the examination?
WASE is a completely flexible examination. You have the choice to choose your venue, time and date of examination. We will send you a mail with a link to a web page where you can schedule the examination yourself. Please remember this site will allocate the centre on a first come first served basis. The venue for the Wipro Entrance Test will be intimated to you by mail after you schedule the examination.

How will the test be conducted?
The test will be conducted completely online (internet based). All arrangements will be carried out at the test venue for you to give the test online. Detailed instructions for the test will be informed to you by e mail.
What is the structure of the Wipro Entrance Test?
The Question Paper will have three sections. Verbal, Analytical and Mathematics.
  • Verbal: This section will have questions on the lines of CAT and GMAT entrance examinations. It will include synonyms, antonyms, sentence structuring, grammar, paragraph comprehension, etc. Any guide books available for CAT and GMAT will assist you in the preparation of this section.
  • Analytical: As above
  • Mathematics: Questions will pertain to Trigonometry, Calculus, Differentiation, Algebra, Integration, Matrices and Coordinate Geometry. You will need to revise your 11th and 12th level mathematics to successfully attempt this section.
Can I change my test centre, once I have chosen it once?
No. You will have the option to choose the test centre only once.
Is there negative marking in the examination?
No. There is no negative marking.
I have forgotten my reference number. I am unable to log in to schedule myself.
When will we receive the results?
The results are declared every Tuesday.
When are we going to receive information on the dates and location for technical and HR Interviews?
We will update you with this information after publishing your results.
I am having trouble logging into the website for scheduling my exam.
You may mail us at
I am a resident of 'X' city and I have been allotted "Y" city as centre. Can this be changed?
We have carried out optimization of centres based on availability of students in each city. We would request you to choose an appropriate time and date and make arrangements to travel to "Y" city to appear for the examination.
Will my cost of travel be reimbursed for the test?
No. The cost of travel will be borne by the candidate.

*Wipro may change its policies at any time.


  1. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Can I apply now for the WASE program 2012?

    1. If you are meeting the Wipro's Eligibility.You can apply..

  2. Anonymous11:26 PM

    my class 10 percentage is 60, class 12 is 49.8 and BCA is 64. Am i eligible for applying to WASE program?

  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    no bro ....49.8=!50......well if ur lucky ul surely get....all the best!!!!

  4. Anonymous1:18 AM

    i need previous year WIPRO WASE questions, ca nanyone help me pls....

  5. some questions......too curious and excited :-)

    1)can anyone provide me the MS syllabus for a WiSTA candidate?

    2)if selected for the program, will wipro provide full accommodation + food and other non-personal expenses for the whole 4 years?

    3)is there any hidden expenses, the candidate has to incur?

    4)is the scholarship salary increment fixed or will it vary depending on any conditions (such as grades/marks that we get for MS, and the work quality that we do)?

  6. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I want to know the syllabus of MS.

  7. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Sir i want to know how to apply for wase and for technical interview what would be the syllabus??

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. i got selected in WASE program by wipro...can i get the friendship with who got the same??
    please send a mail to my id...

  10. i am selected in wipro WASE program, 4 yr bond with mtech regular degree and working (mon -fri) .
    Is it good choice??