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Eligibility Criteria For WISTA students | B.Sc/M.Sc/BCS/BCA Graduate

Eligibility For WISTA students

The program is open to graduates  in their final year of graduation.

*Wipro may change its eligibility criteria at any time.


  1. some questions......too curious and excited :-)

    1)can anyone provide me the MS syllabus for a WiSTA candidate?

    2)if selected for the program, will wipro provide full accommodation + food and other non-personal expenses for the whole 4 years?

    3)is there any hidden expenses, the candidate has to incur?

    4)is the scholarship salary increment fixed or will it vary depending on any conditions (such as grades/marks that we get for MS, and the work quality that we do)?

    1. For the first six month, you will be given Boarding and lodging since First semester will be at the VIT campus at Vellore. After that You wont be given Boarding and Lodging.You will be working and studying from Chennai till 7th semester.Candidate would be given 20% -30% Salary hike every year.After Completion of 4 year,Candidate would be given more Salary as per the IT Industry standard.There is no hidden expenses.You will be working in Live Projects during weekdays.

  2. please provide more info regarding wista

  3. Vyomesh9:08 AM

    what are the important dates for WISTA?
    What are the job prospects after the end of 4 years?Will the candidate be working under WIPRO after that?

    I am graduating in 2013.Provide me proper guidanve.Thanks

  4. Anonymous12:48 AM

    I have completed[Home Sc.]from distance in 2010 and gniit software engineering [3 yr course] in 2011 as well as pursuing MCA from IGNOU. I am keenly interested for this scheme, so can u plz confirm me that am I eligible for this or not?I have 4 yrs work experience in teaching as well as in WIPRO BPO as technical associate.When do we have recruitment drive in Patna? Plz provide me proper guidance regarding my queries.

  5. Anonymous8:10 PM

    hi..i would like to know more about boarding and lodging for 7 semesters...and will there be any leave for candidates???

  6. Anonymous9:23 PM

    When do we have recruitment drive in Patna? Plz provide me proper guidance regarding my queries.

  7. How much hike in salary imean what percentage of hike in salary will be given after the completion of 4years M.S course??

  8. Anonymous4:14 AM

    hello sir/mam, can u tell me what is the differnce between wiprowase and wiprowista

  9. hi sir i completed my b.pharmac is iam eligible for wista programme and iam i suitable for any programme of wipro

    1. B.Pharm is not eligible..I think so..

  10. I got selected in Wipro Wista program on September 2012. I got my offer letter. But I didn't get my joining date. Dose it take time? When will they call Wista batch?