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WASE M.S Exams 2012 | WASIAN Exam Experience

WASE M.S Exams
· Only Two exam on any given day.
· Exams Only On Saturday and Sundays.

M.S Exams- 16 classes For each Semester
16 Classes*4 Semester=Totally 64 classes
Out of 64 classes 40 classes are mandatory

For each subject-9 classes attendance is mandatory.
If Some one is not attending 9 classes,1 year will be extended for them

Possible approaches to Exams are :
For each semester 2 Exams will be there

  • Close Book Exam
  • Open Book Exam

Close Book Exam - after completion of 8 classes           - 30 marks
Assignment -For each semester assignment will be there - 10 marks
Open Book Exam -after completion of 16 classes           - 60 marks

If someone gets Arrear(E grade) twice,he will be terminated from the Organization.

*Wipro may change its policies at any time whatever given here is only sample

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  1. I got select il wipro bt i failed in 12th bt im having 60 % they will cal me r not