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Wipro working experience - Prons and Cons

Wipro Advantage

Wipro spends a significant amount of money on employee training and enhancing technical as well as managerial skills.

All wipro Policies(Medical, travel etc reimbursemnt)  are very clear and helpful.

Wipro is a good company for freshers and managers to work and it is world leading IT MNC  

Wipro Disadvantage

Wipro has UCF policy(Exam for every year) which makes it cumbersome for the employee to pass and get appraisal.

People who are working in 24*7 Project has to manitain 9.5 hr mandatorily to eligible for shift allowance.

Attrition rate of Wipro is high.

Salaries is less for frehers as compared to other MNC. Salary is based only on training results.