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Wipro Campus Pune PDC2 | Hinjewadi | Phase 2 | Images | Photos | Pics

Wipro Campus Pune PDC2 

Wipro Pune Campus is located in Hinjewadi,Phase 1 and Phase 2.


  1. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Hi Admin,
    I will be joing wipro shortly. I have a huge interest in Management Consulting, so can you suggest why stream I should take? Plz reply...

    Can you please explain the diff. between sap technical and sap functional?
    And what is Business Process Management?

  2. hello ...I gave wipro off campus 2015 held at august and I got my selection mail at 24th august and told that ur offer will be release with in 2 weeks. but till now I did not get LOI. one more thing earlier in wipro synergy our resume statul showed TO OFFER but now it is showing null.
    I am very worried that what happen. can our offer letter be rejected or anything??
    what should I have to do??
    plzz help me its an humble request

  3. please provide full address with pin code of PDC 2. regards.

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