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C Programs for wipro Interview

These C Programs are most commonly asked in Top Corporate Companies like Wipro,Infosys,HCL,Mahindra Satyam,TCS,CSC...

Especially in wipro if you are from IT Background, knowledge in C,C++ is very important..If you dont know Java, atleast try to prepare this..

1. Check whether given number is Prime Number or not
2. Fibonacci Series
3. Swap two Variable without using a temp variable
4. Program to Reverse, Concatenate and Compare a String
5. Factorial Program
6. Program to Multiply Matrices
7. Program to check Leap year or not
8. Program to find the greatest among ten number, Sum and Avg of N number.
9. Check whether given number is Palindrome or not
10. Armstrong number program

Most of the Companies are asking  this type of Question for Engineering Graduates, just to test your Programming skill..After recruiting you might have given training in Data Warehousing, Testing, Mainframe, Java, Seibel,Networking, DB admin, TIS, Unix, SAP, SQL Developer etc...Fresher should have a mindset to work in any Field even if you are expert in any specific technology..


  1. Anonymous5:18 AM

    If i am good in Java and J2EE.Will I be assigned in that Technology?

  2. If you are a Fresher, you should be ready to work in any Technology.

  3. How to prepare for PRP... Please help me

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