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WASE Background | Four years MS program | Wipro and BITS Pilani

WASE Background:
 Wipro Technologies Ltd, India and BITS, Pilani “Collaborative Academic – Occupational” “MS in Software Engineering” Program was first started in 1995. Initially when it was started until 2002 – 2004 most of the recruitment for this instrument was primarily done from south India, perhaps due to strategic location of IT mega city around Bangalore, and also the fact of surplus engineering colleges in this region churning out excessive IT professionals. The WASE program is a four years program, at the end of four years the candidates are awarded MS in Software Engineering from BITS, Pilani. Though this doesn’t guarantee the candidate would be absorbed in the organization as a regular employee after completing the WASE program. The absorbed candidates are absorbed in B1 band, i.e. the band for M.S/M.Tech fresher from outside and will start ground zero in the organization, without taking previous four years of occupational association with the organization into consideration. As per WASE candidates are designated as students in the organization, who compulsorily work full time in the organization from 8:30 – 6:00 on Weekdays as regular employees, while attend classes for the full time WASE MS program on Saturdays.

The WASE program from 1995 - 1998 was a four years MS program that gave its candidate a time advantage of one year over B.Sc graduate with M.Tech from outside, which they would have completed in 4 Years i.e. 2 Years of M.Sc followed by 2 Years of M.Tech, while their WASE counterparts were confirmed employees of Wipro Technologies Ltd at the end of the third year itself. The instrument is targeted for B.Sc/BCA graduates primarily with specialization in Computer Science, Electronics, Mathematics, and Physics. Though almost all candidates joining such a program were from computer science background only.

 WASE was started in 1995 when the Indian IT industry was developing, so was the Indian education system with its reforms & revisions, and so was the global economy & more so Indian economy was changing. Wipro Technologies then was a small company as compared to as of now, Wipro was growing. It had just developed a corporate identity for itself; it had invented its corporate philosophy around principles like Integrity, Value - Value for Money, Customer Satisfaction and Innovation.  These principals of corporate philosophy were taken more literarily whether they were meant in costumer - organization context or employee – organization context. Individual’s identity & importance in a crowd called organization were still existent. WASE was an innovative step, very close to heart of Wipro strategy. It was what the market/industry demanded, something unique, something new, and something radical. It then embodied in itself the principles of empowering its employees with higher and quality education, cost reduction for its customers, changing industry wide scenario by making it possible that after completing this collaborative program even the non engineering cadre would be capable to undertake demanding higher management roles in the organization. The quality, the innocence and sanctity of such instrument could & would have been boasted by all i.e. Wipro, IT industry, the subjects pursuing it, their families, everyone associated with it.

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