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From 2012 -Fresher will be given choice to choose Stream and Location

Based on Wipro requirement ,stream will be decided for the candidate.But now they have been given choice to choose Stream and Location.

College Tier+Academic Stream+ Academic Score= Gross Merit Score

Based on Gross Merit Score, offered candidate will receive mail with the Link which allow them to choose Stream and Location.

Link will be open during a specific window and the seats availablity would be based on demand.

If all the available seats have been filled, then the remaining candidate will receive appropriate information guiding them to wait for opportunity in the next batch.

*Wipro may change its policies at any time whatever given here is only sample


  1. Anonymous3:42 AM

    Admin, could you please list all the streams available in wipro technologies !

  2. Anonymous3:11 AM

    Admin, can you explain about job description for position like "Project engineer" and also how they form the batch for reporting date?

  3. I am also a fresher WASIAN of 2012 but we were not given the option to choose our own stream as you said........not liking it now!!!

    1. May be this is not applicable for WASIAN

  4. Anonymous12:12 AM

    I am from EC Branch.As i have less knowledge in programming.what Stream should i choose which will have scope and also simpler?

    1. Anonymous4:35 AM

      what about sap functional and sap technical for ec branch

  5. What is college tier Sir ? Kindly explain anything more about this that how would a candidate be preferred for the location and streams available..

  6. Academic Stream value for software engg(integerated) will be high or less

  7. im from biotech background., they said they are hiring based on HLSHealth and lifesciences(BU) but i havent got any particulars regrading it, and i also went through the streams provided by WIPRO i dont understand which one to choose that comes under HLS(BU)...
    pls someone help me out with it

  8. Hi, can you explain the scope and working in BPM(Business process management).